Heat Is Rising, Summer’s Here!

Hello all! Thanks for stopping by our virtual studio today.

We have another custom order to show y’all but it took a bit of negotiating to get this just right. Let us explain…

Just so y’all know, it’s A LOT easier to know what one wants BEFORE ordering a custom painting with the artist to avoid the ‘double charge’, but if one has the money, we have the time!

Remember, that anytime a custom work is ordered and the client walks out satisfied, then the transaction is done. It is up to the client to make sure that all work is satisfactory (to near perfection) BEFORE they leave the studio. The door of the studio is what determines if the artist ‘fixes’ an issue on an order for free/small replacement item charge or if the customer gets another full-on bill…just saying. The receipt also says NO REFUNDS…

Also, this was a simple t-shirt design, not an illustration, drawn from mostly memory with no real accurate reference other than this provided picture which was stated, “it doesn’t have to look like it, just for an idea for the flames”.

Client's Photo
Client’s Photo

So sure I can do this ‘exactly’ but you don’t want to pay what it would cost…it’s a shirt not a car(or trike in this case)…make sense? Plus we had a pirate skull ‘press-on’ design with a bandanna here at the studio they liked…

So I used the iron on pirate design for ‘skull reference’ which happened to not have the bottom jaw…what was apparently wanted though not expressed to me…

Here’s what the artist needs to hear, “We want this skull with flames around it, but doesn’t have to be exact, with this bandanna on his head from the other design.”

“Shoulda, woulda, coulda…” as the saying goes…

Anyway, here’s the front:

T-Shirt Pocket size design on Front of Shirt
T-Shirt Pocket size design on Front of Shirt

And the back:

T-Shirt Back
T-Shirt Back

Yes, the photos are not very good, but they are such for the example…it’s either that or a watermark on everything. We think it’s easier to see the example without seeing the ‘mark’ as it were.

Hope y’all enjoyed this piece, especially as the heat is rising here at the studio.

Summer’s definitely here!

Thanks for stopping by and don’t forget to stop by next time for new art pieces. We have been  working at getting our virtual store up and working so y’all can order a bit of art if so inclined.

Hope you liked this little post with info and art!

Until next time…


Summer’s Here Already!

Hey thanks for stopping by our virtual gallery today.

We have a rehash of some old and new photos for this lil’ promo article.

WelcomeRobb here with the cool look…though he actually does smile…see?

BigHeadHappy!Ok…enough of this seriousness…

Anyway, we have been trying to hash out some ‘standard’ designs and have about 80 (including Spring Break 2015…which is over now so we have to make some more for the rest of the season)!

DisplayEnvyWe tried to cover most requested types of things, plus bring back some very popular designs from our shops back in the 90’s – The Spunky Monkey(Destin), Tropical Gifts(FWB), Waves (Destin and FWB), Beach Shack(FWB), Flip Flop shop (next where Wild Willy’s just went up-FWB).

Now we are in Destin (Miramar actually) and our home studio (undisclosed)…at least for now.

Anyway, we also do custom stuff from jeans…(excuse poor photos, but low quality used for copyright protection)

OldShortsMadeNewFrontJune2015 OldShortsNewBackJune2015to Custom Shirt requests…

TreeFrogJune2015to 3-D cutouts and signs…Fish-Face Robb

2 signs in one
2 signs in one

…to helmets and other stuff!

DSC00623 DSC00800So if you feel the need for some art done for your next show, room, or event, contact us here at Relevant! Studios.

Thanks and see y’all later.

Custom(er’s) Art

Hey thanks for stopping by our virtual gallery today.

We sometimes get requests to paint other things than our own artwork in a production art environment.

A few days ago we had a client request for their motor trike (Can-Am Spyder) along with the graphix done on their trike.

Not shirking a challenge easily, I accepted.

Aside from drawing this from a picture I had to find for reference, I had to transfer by eye, as our studio is not totally up and running yet for accurate image transfers. It’s a bit hard to do with two jobs, family stuff, and personal hobbies to get it fully ready in only a few weeks, but we are operational now.

Anywho, here’s a little custom work done at Relevant Studios:


Can-Am Spyder2015(completed)


Customer's Bike design
Customer’s Bike design

Tried for accuracy, but a very difficult task, one that I will either not do again(specific grahics on a custom vehicle without ‘transfer help’) or really to make sure that the payoff is worth the effort.

To practice is to learn.

Hope Y’all enjoyed your visit. Stop by again for more updates.


Spring Almost Gone, Summer Almost Here!

Hey y’all, thanks for stopping to take a look at what we’re doing in our virtual studio today.

This year we are attempting once again to set up a ‘shop’ for the season.

It’s been awhile since we’ve done the ‘airbrush booth’, but after last year’s wedding entertainment gig and local mural works with much positive feedback, we decided to once again open up a booth for the season to see what comes of it…and we’re super-busy just getting ready from signage…

2 signs in one
2 signs in one

…to making designs…and decorating…

MainView-Still working on it

We ‘re not totally up and running yet, because we got a late start to the right opportunity but we can totally do work for you – even if you don’t want airbrush, we can still make sketches, sculptures or whatever you need to fill that ‘empty space’ in your home, workplace, or ‘blank area’ on your clothes, helmets, motorcycles, cars, etc.

Timber Wolf 1994
Timber Wolf 1994

Fortunately, for our sanity, and probably unfortunately for travelers , a traffic light is being put up in front of the store to allow more visual connection to what we do and where we are. We are hoping this helps business…

custom shirts
custom shirts

We are really excited about this new venture but this doesn’t mean we are out of the mural business, but does mean we have more lines in the ‘water’ for income’s sake.

Example closeups
Example closeups

Please feel free to visit us at Relevant Studios in Miramar, FL this year at the Pacific Resort Wear Beach Shop on Hwy 98.

If you mention you saw this article on our blog when you visit and place your order, you’ll receive 10 per cent off!

Chinese-Style Dragon 1993
Chinese-Style Dragon 1993

We hope you liked our little ‘sneak peek’ as to what’s been going on for the past few months…

…And come back for more updates! We hope to be able to connect a marketplace through this site so y’all can order your custom painted stuff without having to leave your chair, but we’d like to meet y’all if you wanna drop by. Until then…


Forgot Something

As we were looking through this blog, we recently noticed that some pictures either didn’t publish or we forgot to include them all together, but we will rectify the situation immediately !

Back in August 2014, we finished Beachside Community Church Waumba Land.

Here are the finished room photos on opening day we forgot to print:

DSC00574DSC00573 DSC00575 DSC00576 DSC00577 DSC00578 DSC00579 DSC00580 DSC00581 DSC00582 DSC00583 DSC00584 DSC00585 DSC00599 DSC00600 DSC00601 DSC00602 DSC00603 DSC00605 DSC00606

Should read Robb Jollie Airbrushing courtesy of Relevant Studios, but oh well, it's in print!
Should read Robb Jollie Airbrushing courtesy of Relevant Studios, but oh well, it’s in print!

Thanks for stopping by our virtual studio!



A Birthday Gift for You…Photos and a New Car?

Thanks for stopping by our virtual studio! Here’s what’s going on today… Going through the portfolios we found some more, older artwork.

My Birthday, your gift! Let us know what y’all think…

Black and White Photo Print, Lighting experiment, 1990-91
Photography Multi-print, Colored black and white, 1989-90
Photo Multiprint, Black and White, 1989-90
Masks Of Foil, lighting experiment, B/W photo print 14×16 inches, 1989-90
All Eggs Not in One Basket, Colorized B/W Photo Print, 14x16inches, 1989-90
Scary kid? Colorized B/W Photo multi-print, 14x16inches, 1989-90
Concept car Illustration, Marker on Illustration Board, 11×14 inches, 1989-90

Okay, well it wasn’t a real car, but hope y’all like it anyway…



Older Artwork, Kinda Sketchy…

Thanks for stopping by our virtual studio!

Here’s what’s going on today…

Going through the portfolios we found some older artwork…sorry for the blurry pics.

We didn’t have the good camera on these shots, but should give y’all a quick look…

Arnold Hart-30min portrait, pencil on paper 1987/88 One of my art teachers, R.I.P.
Copy by eye of a photograph, pencil. Fairly accurate but plastic coating ruined it otherwise. 1986/87
Wolf, pencil/charcoal, illustration board 1990/91
Calvin and Hobbes, pen/brush ink. 1989/90 Copy by eye of one of my favorite cartoons, kudos to Bill Watterson.

That’s all for today, got more stuff to go through so we’ll keep y’all posted.

Let us know what ya’ think…


Blast From The Past

Thanks for taking a  moment to browse through our virtual studio.

Here’s what we have for today, it’s not fresh but may be to you. We call this display The Juxtaposition of Seasons…appropriate for the upcoming chilly holidays. These are all on canvas by the way, approximately window sized…

Monochromatic Painting, brush/airbrush, 1988
Monochromatic Painting, brush/airbrush, 1988
Mountain Lake, brush only, 1991/92
Mountain Lake, brush only, 1991/92
Surfin Squirrels - brush/airbrush 1988/89
Surfin’ Squirrels – brush/airbrush 1988/89
My very first real airbrush painting! 1987/88
My very first real airbrushed/brush painting! 1987/88

Thanks for viewing, let us know what y’all think and Happy Holidays!

Practice Makes Better

Hey everyone! Thanks for stopping by our virtual gallery and studio.

Today we only have a practice t-shirt done in our home studio.

Sometimes it’s good to just do something for fun especially when it comes down to work – and staying sharp.

Practicing, no matter how much experience one has, is always a good idea to keep ‘the chops’ up when in downtime. Muscle memory benefits and intuition is sharpened – even if the finished product is trash or at least, laughable.

You can roughly see where there was an iron-on logo here that eventually washed off in the red square behind the image, so there is a little weird texture…but we wanted to put a new logo here anyway. So instead of throwing away a perfectly abused work shirt, we came up with this.

So without further dissertation, here’s our practice shirt from today:

Airbrush T-Shirt Practice
Airbrush T-Shirt Practice-Relevant Studios

Laughs or trash it’s just practice!

Thanks for stopping by and let us know what ‘cha think.