Practice Makes Better

Hey everyone! Thanks for stopping by our virtual gallery and studio.

Today we only have a practice t-shirt done in our home studio.

Sometimes it’s good to just do something for fun especially when it comes down to work – and staying sharp.

Practicing, no matter how much experience one has, is always a good idea to keep ‘the chops’ up when in downtime. Muscle memory benefits and intuition is sharpened – even if the finished product is trash or at least, laughable.

You can roughly see where there was an iron-on logo here that eventually washed off in the red square behind the image, so there is a little weird texture…but we wanted to put a new logo here anyway. So instead of throwing away a perfectly abused work shirt, we came up with this.

So without further dissertation, here’s our practice shirt from today:

Airbrush T-Shirt Practice
Airbrush T-Shirt Practice-Relevant Studios

Laughs or trash it’s just practice!

Thanks for stopping by and let us know what ‘cha think.



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