Older Artwork, Kinda Sketchy…

Thanks for stopping by our virtual studio!

Here’s what’s going on today…

Going through the portfolios we found some older artwork…sorry for the blurry pics.

We didn’t have the good camera on these shots, but should give y’all a quick look…

Arnold Hart-30min portrait, pencil on paper 1987/88 One of my art teachers, R.I.P.
Copy by eye of a photograph, pencil. Fairly accurate but plastic coating ruined it otherwise. 1986/87
Wolf, pencil/charcoal, illustration board 1990/91
Calvin and Hobbes, pen/brush ink. 1989/90 Copy by eye of one of my favorite cartoons, kudos to Bill Watterson.

That’s all for today, got more stuff to go through so we’ll keep y’all posted.

Let us know what ya’ think…



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