A Birthday Gift for You…Photos and a New Car?

Thanks for stopping by our virtual studio! Here’s what’s going on today… Going through the portfolios we found some more, older artwork.

My Birthday, your gift! Let us know what y’all think…

Black and White Photo Print, Lighting experiment, 1990-91
Photography Multi-print, Colored black and white, 1989-90
Photo Multiprint, Black and White, 1989-90
Masks Of Foil, lighting experiment, B/W photo print 14×16 inches, 1989-90
All Eggs Not in One Basket, Colorized B/W Photo Print, 14x16inches, 1989-90
Scary kid? Colorized B/W Photo multi-print, 14x16inches, 1989-90
Concept car Illustration, Marker on Illustration Board, 11×14 inches, 1989-90

Okay, well it wasn’t a real car, but hope y’all like it anyway…




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