Spring Almost Gone, Summer Almost Here!

Hey y’all, thanks for stopping to take a look at what we’re doing in our virtual studio today.

This year we are attempting once again to set up a ‘shop’ for the season.

It’s been awhile since we’ve done the ‘airbrush booth’, but after last year’s wedding entertainment gig and local mural works with much positive feedback, we decided to once again open up a booth for the season to see what comes of it…and we’re super-busy just getting ready from signage…

2 signs in one
2 signs in one

…to making designs…and decorating…

MainView-Still working on it

We ‘re not totally up and running yet, because we got a late start to the right opportunity but we can totally do work for you – even if you don’t want airbrush, we can still make sketches, sculptures or whatever you need to fill that ‘empty space’ in your home, workplace, or ‘blank area’ on your clothes, helmets, motorcycles, cars, etc.

Timber Wolf 1994
Timber Wolf 1994

Fortunately, for our sanity, and probably unfortunately for travelers , a traffic light is being put up in front of the store to allow more visual connection to what we do and where we are. We are hoping this helps business…

custom shirts
custom shirts

We are really excited about this new venture but this doesn’t mean we are out of the mural business, but does mean we have more lines in the ‘water’ for income’s sake.

Example closeups
Example closeups

Please feel free to visit us at Relevant Studios in Miramar, FL this year at the Pacific Resort Wear Beach Shop on Hwy 98.

If you mention you saw this article on our blog when you visit and place your order, you’ll receive 10 per cent off!

Chinese-Style Dragon 1993
Chinese-Style Dragon 1993

We hope you liked our little ‘sneak peek’ as to what’s been going on for the past few months…

…And come back for more updates! We hope to be able to connect a marketplace through this site so y’all can order your custom painted stuff without having to leave your chair, but we’d like to meet y’all if you wanna drop by. Until then…



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