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Custom(er’s) Art

Hey thanks for stopping by our virtual gallery today.

We sometimes get requests to paint other things than our own artwork in a production art environment.

A few days ago we had a client request for their motor trike (Can-Am Spyder) along with the graphix done on their trike.

Not shirking a challenge easily, I accepted.

Aside from drawing this from a picture I had to find for reference, I had to transfer by eye, as our studio is not totally up and running yet for accurate image transfers. It’s a bit hard to do with two jobs, family stuff, and personal hobbies to get it fully ready in only a few weeks, but we are operational now.

Anywho, here’s a little custom work done at Relevant Studios:


Can-Am Spyder2015(completed)


Customer's Bike design
Customer’s Bike design

Tried for accuracy, but a very difficult task, one that I will either not do again(specific grahics on a custom vehicle without ‘transfer help’) or really to make sure that the payoff is worth the effort.

To practice is to learn.

Hope Y’all enjoyed your visit. Stop by again for more updates.